Melbourne Museum came to us because they had just won Government funding for Melbourne Winter Masterpieces, managing to obtain access to the Pompeii exhibition and display it in Melbourne. An achievement like this needed real standout signage, and they had an idea that would prove to be one of the largest and most impressive signage pieces ever installed in Australia.

The Melbourne Museum has an exterior aluminium clad wall of an irregular cube shape and they wanted to skin it. Visual Exposure worked with Melbourne Museum to develop an idea that could be installed and would leave no damage to the building once removed. The result was a huge sticker installed to the cladding. The sticker was installed on 2 adjoining walls, which made for one massive sticker of 90m wide by 12m high. We believe this is the largest sticker ever installed in Australia.

The whole building was an irregular shape, and no available architectural drawing meant that the measuring of this structure was a massive undertaking. If we got it wrong by even 1 degree, due to the size of this, the sticker would not have fit. Add to this, the fact that there were over 10,000 protruding feature screw heads that needed to be cut out of the print.

The installation was completed in a little over 1 week and the most challenging sticker installation we have ever undertaken.The client was over the moon with the result.